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10 Song Meme -- Princess Tutu

Hmm, muse has been struggling with me a bit lately, so I'd thought I'd do this meme--one of my favorites--to see if I could wake it up. I think the first seven are fairly good, but I'm not too crazy about the last three. I think I was burning out at that point.

(I should note that these are all in the form they were when I wrote it--I felt like I'd be cheating if I edited them afterwards so...they're a bit first-drafty at parts. Or even plain unfinished sounding. Probably not the best thing to christen the new community with, but...well, until I find time for the iconpost, it'll have to do.)

1. Pick a character, fandom, pairing, friendship, whatever.

2. Put on your music program on shuffle/random and start playing songs.

3. For each song, write something inspired by the song related to the theme you chose earlier. You only have the song length. No pre-planning and no writing after the song is over. No skipping songs either.

4. Do 10 songs and post. Make sure to include the song name/artist.

Theme: Princess Tutu
Warnings: one swear, a brief mention of physical violence...nothing too major, a light PG at worst.

1. Blue Danube Waltz – Strauss

Duck always loved the river. There was something about it—the cool feel of it splashing around and through her feathers, the soft, gentle sound it made as it hit against the shore…it was a sign, perhaps, that she really was just a duck. After all, she felt much more comfortable on the water than she did on a dance floor, no matter how many hours she practiced her ballet.

Slowly, she began to turn in the current, spinning with a wing up in the air, as if she was dancing with an invisible partner. One two three, one two three – her partner would smile at her, briefly, his green eyes sparkling. A look he would show only to her.

She was twirling once again when she heard footsteps on the shore, and a voice calling out. “What are you doing, moron?”

With a quack and a blush, she went back to swimming, pretending all was normal.

2. Lithium – Evanescence

Fakir told him this was the way it should be. Rue told him it didn’t matter.

“You’re just a doll, but I will love you,” is what the Princess of Crows promised him.

“But don’t you want to be happy?” the swan would counter. “You smiled! That’s the real with you!”

Was something wrong with him? Yes, there was. He wasn’t normal. It wasn’t normal to be without a heart.

He was regaining it, slowly, slowly…and almost no one seemed happy about it. Not even himself.

Fakir was angry. He’d shout, he’d shove, he’d even hit, anything to get the emotions to recede. Rue was frightened. The first sign of emotion would cause her to run, run away from him.

Princess Kraehe preferred him empty.

And these feelings – sorrow, fear, loneliness – did he really want this?

“That’s the real you,” she promised.

Princess Tutu wouldn’t run….Princess Tutu wasn’t angry….Princess Tutu stayed, even when the sorrow and bitter disappointment felt as though it’d swallow his heart.

Maybe that was fine.

3. Jardin Feerique – Cast in Bronze

Every morning, Autor was greeted with the sound of the clock tower chiming the time. Six AM, precisely. He’d always look up at the clock with a prideful smile. His father had told him that one of his ancestors had worked on designing and building the clock. It was the pride and joy of the watchmaker side of the family, much like how The Prince and the Raven was the pride and joy of the writing side of the family.

Every now and then, he felt a vague disappointment that his father had never shared with him the secrets of his trade, never showed him how the inner gears and mechanics caused the watches in the shop to tell time. He knew a few basics of upkeep, but…that was all.

But it didn’t matter. His fate was as a writer, not a watchmaker. The tradition could die with his father.

…Or so he told himself as he looked at the clock.

4. Rock Me Amadeus – Megaherz

Beethoven was his favorite, but there was something about Mozart that was exciting to dance to. That was Fakir’s logic when he decided to chose a different piece for his daily practice. He followed along with the quick tempo with ease, leaping across the practice room as if running towards an enemy with a sword drawn.

Professor Cat had scolded him recently for his dancing being too rough, too harsh for the part he’d been assigned—if that was the case, why wasn’t Mytho cast in the role? Mytho was the gentle, heartless prince, dancing with graceful mimes and fairy-like movements.

He was the knight. He was harsh, untamed. That was his style, his own way of dancing.

5. We All Fall – Superchic[k] (which is followed by, oh, two or three minutes of silence…)

Did I hurt Mytho? Am I doing the right thing?

The words echoed through her head, always questioning, even as she gave back another shard.

I’m not afraid. I’m not. I’m the fearless knight, and I will do whatever it takes to protect Mytho!

But still his hand shook as he gripped his sword.

The Prince and I are destined to be together. That’s our fate. This is how it should be.

Yet her heart felt as though the claws of a raven were tearing at it every time she looked into his empty, soulless eyes.

And then there was the Prince, whom only had silence in his mind, who thought of nothing as he slipped out of the window and curved his fingers around a tiny bird. Nothing but this:

I’ll protect you. I’ll protect you.

They all fell, all failed, but in the end, imperfection was what made them who they were.

6. Catchafire (Whoopsi-Daisy) – TobyMac

Fakir was much more comfortable when he was allowed to settle into the daily routine, to take comfort in the normalcy of life. As long as he did that, there was no worry of fate, or crows, or long-forgotten stories.

That was why that damned redhead bothered him so much, perhaps. She was anything but normal. She was wild, unpredictable. He’d gotten far too used to people listening to him—Mytho because he knew nothing better, Rue because of the pair’s uneasy alliance. They all were comfortable in normalcy.

But she’d run through the halls, her hair flying behind her like a flame, and crashed into their normal, everyday, life.

And then the story began again.

7. Imagine Me Without You – Jaci Velasquez

It was funny to think of how much Rue had meant to him, even without a heart. Even heartless, she’d been a comfort to him—a constant presence, black hair like feathers of a black swan (NOT a raven, never a raven), red eyes glinting with pride as she showed him the new dance move she learned. She’d lost a bit of that child-like innocence now, but she was still a comfort.

The more he thought about it, the more he couldn’t imagine life without her. Had he really been in the story so long without her? It was almost hard to believe that had ever been. As though the story before had been a dream that he had before he woke up in Kinkan, the young girl looking down at him with worried eyes and offering him water to quench his thirst.

He was glad for her. The story felt more like a life when she was at his side.

8. Thanks for the Memories – Fall Out Boy

“It’s hard to believe you’re friends,” the girl said to him with a pout. “He’s a lot nicer than you are.”

He thought, with a bit of a smirk, that he wouldn’t particularly care for a friend with the same personality as him – he probably wouldn’t be able to stand him. However, his only response to the girl was a nonchalant shrug. “It’s fate.”

“Sounds like an odd reason for a friendship to me.”

“Well, you and I aren’t much alike, either. Or you and Rue, for that matter.”

The idea of the girl—well, just a duck, really—being anything like the Raven Princess sent a shiver up his spine.

Maybe comparing others wasn’t the best idea.

9. WhoHoo – Newsboys

Mytho wore a grin that didn’t suit him, sipping carefully on a cup of coffee. Fakir frowned—he didn’t like this. Why would Mytho invite him to something like this, after having gone to such great lengths to get him suspended?

“I’m sorry about that,” the prince said with a smirk, as if reading his mind. “But you need to loosen up, you know. You carry more baggage on you than a child on his first day of school, sent off with a tearful goodbye from his mother.”

Fakir winced at the reference to parents, but buried the feelings before any memories could resurface. “Why did you ask me to come here?”

“For fun. That’s what friends do, isn’t it?” He sipped his coffee again. “You’re not amused?”

10. Hikari – Hikaru Utada

Whenever he saw Princess Tutu, it was as if he was watching something from a dream he’d had, a long time ago. When she carefully danced towards the Prince, holding her hand out and beconing to him to dance with her, something in Fakir’s mind sparked with recognition. He’d seen this before. Either in a childhood daydream after reading The Prince and the Raven for the umpteenth time, or some vague memory, a token left over from a former life—either way, it was otherworldly.

It only made him all the more adverse to the sight of her.

Duck felt so much more…real. Not a dream (certainly not, a dream wouldn’t be so moronic), not a false memory, she was tangible and wouldn’t turn to light if he dared to reach out and touch her. It was only when he could look beyond the swan, the white tutu and slippered feet, that he could feel at ease around the Princess. Only when he could see the “ugly” duckling within.

Really, that duckling was rather beautiful, even if she didn’t believe it for herself…