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[Princess Tutu, Mytho/Rue] Flower Crowns

Title: Flower Crowns
Fandom: Princess Tutu
Pairing: Mytho/Rue
Rating: G
Warnings: Maybe kinda creepy in the second part? Otherwise none.
Summary: A young Rue discovers flower language and decides to give a message to her Prince. And thus begins their tradition of communicating through flowers.
Notes: gemkazoni's Secret Santa gift for Christmas 2010! (...Yeah, I'm late again.) Hopefully the style I used isn't too hard to follow. Merry Christmas--and happy birthday, too!

Flowers are used in a secret language, you know.Collapse )
I still have some unfilled letters, so click here to request something! I'm shooting for exactly 100 on all of these, although I dunno if I'll be able to pull it off or not.
Also, I stole the format of this post from kawaii_gaara. She made it look very nice and neat~

L=Lilith, Chrono CrusadeCollapse )

O=Ocean, Baten KaitosCollapse )

Q is for Quizzical, Princess Tutu, Mytho/RueCollapse )

S=Singer, Chrono CrusadeCollapse )

T=Tragedy, Princess Tutu, Autor/RueCollapse )

Y=Youth, Chrono Crusade, The Elder and Sister KateCollapse )

Ignore this, I'm testing something. <3

As some of you probably know, I play Chrono from Chrono Crusade. And I’m here to pimp it out like the obsessive fangirl I am.

”Warning:Collapse )

[Chrono Crusade, Joshua & Fiore] Noise

Title: Noise
Day/Theme: May 3 - One’s company.
Series: Chrono Crusade
Character/Pairing: Joshua, Fiore, Aion (mentioned). Could be considered vaguely Joshua/Fiore, but isn’t blatantly shippy.
Rating: G, although I at least attempted to make this somewhat creepy, so, this is your warning.
Word Count: 1,022
A/N: For 31_days. This is probably less of a true story and more of a snapshot/experiment. I was testing myself to see if I could write from Joshua’s perspective. Any feedback, particularly on characterization, would be appreciated?

Stopping the noise would be simple.Collapse )

[Chrono Crusade, Chrono/Shader] Growing Up

Title: Growing Up
Fandom: Chrono Crusade
Pairing: Chrono x Shader
Theme set: Epsilon
Rating: PG-13
Warning[s]: Brief sexual references, some violence, awkward punctuation usage. Contains major spoilers for the manga.

AN: Written for 1sentence. I really like the hints of Chrono and Shader’s friendship in the manga and I wondered how they’d gotten to know each other and just how close their relationship had been, so I decided to use this challenge to explore the possibilities. This ended up waaaay larger in scope than I originally expected, but hopefully it still works. I took the themes out of their original order so that the sentences could be read chronologically.

Also, this is my first Chrono Crusade fanfic! Yay!

She almost didn’t recognize him when she saw Chrono with the nun—it was the ghost of the boy she knew as a child, and not the soldier that left her behind.Collapse )
Written for the 1sentence challenge! astrobright68 is the one that gets the credit for me picking pairing. I wanted to do this challenge but I couldn't decide on a pairing--this is what she picked. (Of course, I was totally on board with it once she put the idea into my head, so I'm not blaming her...)

Title: Sinful Tragedies
Fandom: Princess Tutu
Pairing: Femio x Lilie
Theme set: Alpha
Word Count: about 1700
Rating: Probably a mild PG-13
Warning[s]: A brief mention of sex, references to poison, and some (mostly) comical violence. Also, some of the sentences actually take this pairing somewhat seriously. Brain bleach may be required.

She delighted in telling him that he was singing out-of-tune, but refused to let him stop his serenade.Collapse )
Title: Snowball Fight which might get a better title when if I can think of one
Rating: G
Word Count: 3,650
Pairing: Autor/Ahiru (Could be interpreted either as a budding friendship or a budding romance)
Summary: Autor hates winter. Ahiru decides she needs to fix that.
Notes: Late Secret Santa gift for x0whitelily0x! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Happy New Year!
Also, I went against my typical "use Duck instead of Ahiru" style since (1) I thought Lily was more used to Ahiru, and (2) ...thanks to RPing recently I found that came more naturally, anyway. ^^; I'm not sure if that means I'll keep using it or not--I might end up flip-flopping back and forth.

Winter never meant anything for him other than complications.Collapse )

31_days, Duck!Fic #5: Heirloom

Title: Heirloom
Day/Theme: July 4 – New ways, old things
Series: Princess Tutu
Character/Pairing: Hints of Fakir/Duck
Rating: G
Chipped but loved tea sets, old and faded photos…Collapse )
Title: A Happy Ending For…?
Day/Theme: June 23 - some girls were just meant to smile
Series: Princess Tutu
Character/Pairing: Duck and Fakir (Duck/Mytho, implied Fakir/Duck)
Rating: G
'I don't understand how you can be so cheerful about this.' )

31_days, Fakir!Fic #3 -- Growing

Title: Growing
Day/Theme: Apr. 11 - On usefulness and the passage of time.
Series: Princess Tutu
Character/Pairing: Fakir, Mytho
Rating: G
For: 31_days, Fakir challenge.
It had been a shock when Fakir had been confronted with the reality of his place in the story.Collapse )


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